Our world is becoming globalized.
Why should our schools be left behind?

Whaloo is a platform which enables digital international cooperation for school projects. These can be digital group conversations of students which take place once or regularly over several weeks. Our site allows teachers to find partner classes for their projects as well as provide intuitive tools for lively interactions between students.

Why our school education is NOT international?

International exchange is a desirable and valuable companion in a student’s education. While coming along with the potential of making new friends, interaction beyond borders supports the strive for self-confidence, team spirit, open-mindedness and language competence. Despite the well-known advantages, the available technology and interest from the students’ and the teachers’ side, schools rarely manage to provide more than a one-time physical exchange with one partner school. Here is why:

  1. Limited and obsolete idea of what international exchange in school looks like
  2. Schools and teachers are easily overwhelmed by search of a suitable partner school
  3. Many teachers lack in motivation and comfort integrating technology to the classroom 

How does Whaloo work?

As a teacher, you just need to follow these easy steps to connect your class with another class.
Afterwards, your class will be part of an international network.

Don’t worry about having to manage the student interactions: We automatically mix students from different classes and provide them with video chat as well as ice breakers such as games.

1. Sign up and create a class
2. Search for a partner class
3. Communicate with partner teacher and plan meeting
4. Have your students exchange via video call